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Online Coaching using the Skillest App

Online Coaching Options

Option 1: Single Lesson - Video analysis with comparison voice over video + separate demonstration video.


Option 2: Monthly Plan - 3 x video analysis lessons with demonstration videos or 2 x video analysis lessons with demonstration videos + one 30 min zoom session.

For pricing please visit the Skillest App.



Online Lesson Instructions

Step 1: Using your smart phone take two short videos of your swing. One from directly 'face on' and a second from directly 'down the line'.

Step 2: Download the Skillest App from Google Play, Apple App Store or from

Step 3: Search for Ewan Rankine and select Single Lesson, 7 Day Pass or Monthly Plan and then upload your swing videos to the app.

Step 4: Within 48 hours you will receive your lesson with instructions on the next steps to improving your golf. 



Video Filming Tips:

It is important to have the camera angles as exact as

possible when filming and to hold the camera stable

(using a tripod or stand if available). Also of importance

is that the clubhead is in the frame at all times during

the swing. 

From the front angle (Face On) the camera should be

set at chest height directly opposite the golfer with

the golfers head  in the middle of the picture.

From the behind angle (Down The Line) the camera

should be positioned directly facing the target at waist

height halfway between the feet and the ball.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

    Front on          Down the line

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